Webflow VS WordPress

Recently, my attention was brought up to Webflow, a CMS with some quite interesting features. In comparison with other CMS we studied, like Squarespace, Wix or Weebly, Webflow has some …


Why do you need a CMS?

First of all, not all of you might know what a CMS is… It’s ok, it’s stands for Content Management System. What a content management system does, it simplifies your life. Most of your team members might have the skills to be able to update your site and not know about it.


WordPress VS Joomla

When you look at it, Wordpress has 49% of the shares of the CMS and Joomla is at 6.3% right behind Drupal. There has to be a reason behind it, and we will look at it, and see why there is so much difference between those systems.