WordPress VS Joomla

When you look at it, Wordpress has 49% of the shares of the CMS and Joomla is at 6.3% right behind Drupal. There has to be a reason behind it, and we will look at it, and see why there is so much difference between those systems. 


Shopify Vs WooCommerce – E-Commerce

Launching your E-commerce site is something big, it brings customers and clients all around the world at your doorstep. It also speeds up the conversion from lead to client. Shopify and Woocommerce can shorten the sales cycle by proceeding with purchase without talking to you first.


SEO for Bennavita

Paris based tailor Bennavita came to us to help them out with their SEO on their website. You might be wondering why they took the decision on going with a company half way across the world to provide tasks that other agencies much closer could have performed.


Are you familiar with AMP?

With over 50% of the traffic on most websites being on mobile phones, it is quite important to look at AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) versions of your website. It will speed up content loading and accessibility.

email marketing clutch

Top Email Marketing Company in San Diego

This is proven by our recent presence on Clutch and recognized leadership among San Diego’s email marketing agencies. In our recent profile creation and following ranking, Clutch analysis deemed The X Concept as a Top Email Marketing Company in San Diego


Business Look – Shirts

The shirts you are wearing are a very important part of you business look. It can definitely make or break your outfit. This is what is right below your face and is key on how you will be confident with your outfit.


Business Look – Shoes

Shoes are a very big part of your outfit, and people will look at your shoes, as it says a lot about you. We will look at different shapes, colors, materials, and shoe care.


Business Look – Ties

Ties are a key part of your outfit. It means a lot, and we will look through why it makes such a difference. We are getting in the core of your business look. Colors, Shapes, Patterns, Knots. We are going through every step.