Business Look – Shirts

The shirts you are wearing are a very important part of you business look. It can definitely make or break your outfit. This is what is right below your face and is key on how you will be confident with your outfit.


Business Look – Shoes

Shoes are a very big part of your outfit, and people will look at your shoes, as it says a lot about you. We will look at different shapes, colors, materials, and shoe care.


Business Look – Ties

Ties are a key part of your outfit. It means a lot, and we will look through why it makes such a difference. We are getting in the core of your business look. Colors, Shapes, Patterns, Knots. We are going through every step.

client relationship clients

Client Relationship – Part 1

before we start talking about client relationship practices. Do you know what is the difference between a customer and a client? Customer is someone who will purchase item or services from a business. Client is someone who will seek advice and purchase goods and services from a business.

facts emotions

Facts VS Emotions

We have looked into the way to communicate with people, the decision making process and the difference between inspiring people rather than influencing them. Now let’s look at getting at how …

Inspiring Influencing

Inspiring VS Influencing

To follow up on the “telling people what to do” article and the “decision making” article. We are going towards the next step of the process. This article is about …